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Farm income food notice over the weekend20190910This week the farm for the weekend201925 times in distribution,For the time9Month10And Tuesday morning9Month13Day on Friday,Cold chain logistics。

Company introduction

Weekend farm ZhaoQuanYing Town lian zhuang village in shunyi takes top billing in shunyi shop,Beijing bearing white road exit only at a high speed4Kilometers。Weekend farm shop is located in the national ecological civilization in miyun county, miyun county south of the city,Bearing is apart from the Beijing miyun county export only at a high speed4Kilometers,The transportation is convenient,In on a farm“Ecology,Environmental protection,The sustainable development”Is the management idea,In green、Ecology、Environmental protection as the goal,In order to effective utilization of resources as the carrier,With green vegetables、Agricultural products to support,As to common people word of mouth,Based on the food chain principle,Planting in the farm、Breeding、Processing of agricultural products、Sales、Food and beverage、Rural tourism、Organic、Vegetable distribution industries such as building become interdependent,Transfer to each other,Are each other's resources circulation closed system。

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